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2020 car calendars

Due to the success of previous years, Wheels-Fitment is proud to announce that it will produce another series of calendars for 2020 with the hottest cars submitted. A calendar for each of following car models will be made:

If there is enough interest we may also create calendars for other specific car make and model.

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Want a calendar for your organization, your car club...

Contact us if you are interested in having a 2020 calendar featuring cars of your organization, your car club, your car group, your team... Price will depend on the desired quantity.

Calendar description

The size of the wall calendar is 11”x17” when open. The top page is a full size picture of the featured car and the bottom page is the calendar itself. Twelve cars will be selected, one for each month. A 13th car may be added down the road for the cover. The target price is between $15 and $20 (USD).

Take a look at our 2019 calendars

Submitting your car

Got a nice car and would like to see it in the calendar? Sign in and subscribe.

To be elligible, you have to:

Check out our tutorials showing how to submit your car in less than 10 minutes.

Photo credit

To have a clean and constant look, pictures in the calendar should not have watermark. Wheels-Fitment.com may try to hide it if it's not possible to have a copy of the picture without watermark. In any case, there is a reserved place in the calendar to give credit to the photographer.


If there is not enough interest or if there is not enough quality submissions the calendar of a specific car may not happen. Remember having a quality submission doesn't only mean having a nice ride, the quality of the picture is as important if not more.

For more information and for the latest update check our Facebook page and our Instagram feed.

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