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About Wheels-Fitment

Wheels-Fitment was created to help car enthusiasts finding the right set of aftermarket wheels for their car. We all know that changing wheels has probably the biggest impact on the look of your ride, but at the same time it's one of the most expensive modification you'll ever make to your car.

During the searching process for custom wheels you will probably go through the following questions:

These are all tough questions to answer. If you've ever searched for a new set of wheels, you know too well how hard it is to grab the right fitment. There is a lot of details to consider like color, diameter, width, offset, roll fenders or not, tires, etc. Before spending big money a lot of research is needed to find the perfect match. Wheel size calculator can help but nothing beats pictures and specifications of the real wheel setups.

This is where Wheels-Fitment comes into play. Wheels-Fitment is a database of custom wheel setup shared by other car lovers. Here you will be able to find real pictures and description of your next set of wheels. Search for car similar to yours, check the pics, select the setup you like and get wheel specifications.

To make this place great, we need your contribution. Add your wheel setup to our database with as much information as possible. Remember, you can share your custom wheels even if you don't own the car or the wheels anymore. Someone will be thankful for that.